Elemental Awareness

Elemental Awareness

Wheel Keeps Turning


It began in the East with a new sunrise

Land of the spring where the eagle flies

A brand new day, a fresh start

Replacing the dark with a beating heart

The sound of life the kick of a drum

Deep inside, I've begun

Oh, eyes open up

See the world

Open up

Open up



And I will read the writing in the sky

Listen to the wind blow as my guide

And every way I go, I'll look for the meaning

Of this life, the rhyme and the reason why

We're all here tonight

Seekers on a journey

Travelers on a ride

As this wheel keeps turning



When I got to the South I found a ball of fire

Straight overhead in the summertime

The path I sought was clear as day

Knew I'd soon be on my way

But I heard the call of the coyote 

He spoke to my soul and said these things

"Dance the dance of innocence

Sing the song of existence

Travel light upon this sacred nation

Live a life of celebration"




Out here in the West, the black bird soars

The big bear roams and I explore

The sights and the sounds, that live within

This autumnal experience

Like water, still, a sweet reflection

Now’s the time for a new direction

Shake the leaves that've turned to rust

Before the setting of the sun




When I get to the North on the sacred hoop

The snow will fall as the owl swoops

Cold and dark, but beautiful

Full of wisdom brighter than the moon

In the land of night and nothingness

I'll manifest these dreams I live

I’ll pray that the elders take me in

Before it all begins again

The River


I am the river flowing upstream to find my way

I started in the ocean, then ran to the Valley

I’m headed for the mountains, the highest of the peaks

But I’ll climb the foothills first, and revel in the things I see



And I know, I know it’s gonna take a long time

And I love, I love that it’s gonna take a long time


I’m like the tree that’s growing free and wild upon my shore

I started as a seedling, and grew into a sycamore

They say the treasure lies, deep within my roots

So I find strength in who I am, and grow tall, grow true





Let the river flow

To the great unknown

Blue-Green Water


You gotta go to the blue-green water

South of the Utah border

In the land of the canyon warriors

There's a guardian waiting for you



I knew you'd make it one day, child

I knew you'd find me here, my daughter

Come into the mist, my darling

Let your tears become the blue-green water, water



Out there on the dark horizon

I feel there's a new moon rising

You can't see her, but she ain't hiding

Her spirit is always guiding



It's alright

It’s alright

You've arrived, arrived

Arrived, arrived, arrived


You gotta go to the blue-green water

There's a guardian waiting for you

Northern Woods


We were walking in the Northern Woods

When I gave my heart to you for good

We moved slow in the evergreens

to the sound of leaves beneath our feet

I knew, that I would not forget

The day


We came a long way from the city streets

In the land of lights and make believe

Heading for the hills was the only plan

To reconnect to the promised land

Always seeking simple lives

Outside is where we feel alive



From the air that we are breathing

To the fire that keeps us warm

From the water we've been drinking

To the earth that we live on

We're a part of it

That makes you a part of me



We left home a long time ago

But the more I live the more home grows

I’ve found that home is so much more

Than a roof, four walls and a couple of doors

We are, discovering new sights in life


Of all the places we have been

There’s no better spot for us to live

It’s the land of the hot hot heat

The Red Rock walls and snow-topped peaks

I swear, we have lived here long before

I feel it in my soul



Anywhere, I’d go any where at all when I’m with you

Everywhere, Everywhere I’m home when I’m with you





It all started in the Northern Woods

When I gave my heart to you

Which Wolf

In the calmer part of me

There’s kindness, peace and clarity

It's where I know my soul and trust my dreams


But there’s another side

That’s full of lust and full of lies

lives in fear and bites back every time


Lately, what I’ve found

This mind of mine’s a battleground

For a couple beasts that have to duke it out


Some days the bright side wins

And shines a light of happiness

but other days the darkness takes control



So Which Wolf

Will you feed

In the woods of this society?

They're always on the move

Eyeing up your food

Both wolves are

So hungry

Fighting for your reality

So which one will you choose

When they're howling at the moon?


When I think back to yesterday

The only Wolf I knew was gray

With sharpened claws

That attacked my every thought


He lives inside a cold dark den

Fueled by doubt and loneliness 

And wanders through the forest all alone


But also in my wilderness

There's another wolf that's full of bliss

Prepared to chase away the negative


The Good Wolf is stronger than

The big bad beast of emptiness

When fed a slab of love and self-respect





I will feed the wolf of greatness

I will feed the wolf of light

I will feed the wolf of truth

And positivity tonight 

I will feed the wolf that's grateful

I will feed the wolf that's kind

I will feed the wolf that's optimistic every single time

All lyrics by Rob Riccardo.

© 2017 Rob Riccardo.