What’s Out There


If I gave you a map of the planet

Would you go and seek what’s in it?

Or would you sit and wait and wonder

What’s out there?

If I showed you a clear horizon

Would you want to know what’s hiding

In everything underneath the sky, yeah

What’s out there?


I wanna see those mountains

And all the sacred lands

I want a new perspective 

I wanna know what’s out there

Watch an island sunset

Feel the ocean air

Light a fire with the pleides glowing

I wanna know what’s out there


If I plotted a road to the unknown

Would you see this world as your home

Or would you fear what’s waiting, wondering

What’s out there?

If I gave you the keys to a spaceship

Would you search all the constellations?

Or would you stay here, simply wondering

What’s out there?



We’re all seekers

On a journey

Disguised as dreamers

In a hurry

We’re all writing

our own story

Make it good

Live it fully

I wanna know what’s out there

Into the Woods



Into the woods I go

To face the shadow of my soul, of my soul

Well, if the goal is growth, gotta enter the forest

Enter the darkness, enter the wild wondrous unknown


They say the road to the sun ain’t a straight one

But the journey is mine for the making

And I know

That there’ll be beasts along the way

And no matter how fast I am running

Bad wolves are always a-coming

And I see

That they are sharpening their teeth


But this is the year to

Shake all my fears, so...



Well this life is full of surprises

With cameos from haters and liars

But it’s mostly flowing with opportunity

It’s up to me to make it all happen

It takes time and plenty of action

This universe is always glowing within me


So this is the year to

Learn why I’m here, so...


Which Wolf


In the calmer part of me

There’s kindness, peace and clarity

It's where I know my soul and trust my dreams

But there’s another side

That’s full of lust and full of lies

lives in fear and bites back every time

Lately, what I’ve found

This mind of mine’s a battleground

For a couple beasts that have to duke it out

Some days the bright side wins

And shines a light of happiness

but other days the darkness takes control


So Which Wolf

Will you feed

In the woods of this society?

They're always on the move

Eyeing up your food

Both wolves are

So hungry

Fighting for your reality

So which one will you choose

When they're howling at the moon?

When I think back to yesterday

The only Wolf I knew was gray

With sharpened claws

That attacked my every thought

He lives inside a cold dark den

Fueled by doubt and loneliness 

And wanders through the forest all alone

But also in my wilderness

There's another wolf that's full of bliss

Prepared to chase away the negative

The Good Wolf is stronger than

The big bad beast of emptiness

When fed a slab of love and self-respect



I will feed the wolf of greatness

I will feed the wolf of light

I will feed the wolf of truth

And positivity tonight 

I will feed the wolf that's grateful

I will feed the wolf that's kind

I will feed the wolf that's optimistic every single time

Higher ME


They say “Seek and you shall find”

What it is you want in life

But we seem to make our dreams

Anything but reality

Well not me, not this time

I’m gonna root, I’m gonna rise

I’m gonna dig, gonna reach

Gonna go, gonna take that leap



I throw my doubts in the fire

I let em burn in the flames

When they turn into ashes

I blow em back to the past and walk away

I hear the canyon calling

And I’m-a gonna go all in

Drop in to the bliss and the beauty 

And become, become a higher me


In the dark I see much better

When I close my eyes

Deep breath, dip into the ocean

Filling up the mind

In the depths, what do you see?

Do you find pain

Or do you find peace?

A catalyst for the good vibrations

Giving birth to the strength you need




All the seekers and the dreamers

Wondering where this journey’s leading

Questioning your place and purpose

I promise you it’s worth it

The ups and downs, and ebbs and flows

Simply how this story goes

This narrative that we live

Is ultimately positive 


‘Cause I-I-I will float this deep blue sea

That's raging within me

And I-I-I will navigate this dream

That’s keeping me from sleep

And I will sail to where I want

I’ve got my soul to guide my heart

Like a boat off the coast

I will keep this dream afloat


For all the things that I’ve been told

For all the lies that I’ve been sold

“You can’t do this, Can’t do that”

“Gotta be like this, don’t be like that”

But I’m an optimist at heart

I see this world as a work of art

I’m both the painter and the captain

I steer the ship and I make it happen



Well, sink or swim

I’ve gone all in

I’ll keep my head above the water

And look within


Sea of Stars (Interlude)

Deep Connection


Breath of the Island easy

As I drift in the deep blue sea

Head high now above the surface

Taking in the beauty

While the sun is shining 

This is all I need

Root down to the ocean bottom

I can feel that heat

At the core of Pachamama

Birthing all we see

Creating land above

With a fire underneath


I’ve been looking for a deep connection

And here that's what I found

This island shares her lessons

On sacred ground

So let go and open up

For deep connections all around


He said dive into the cleansing

Bliss of the waterfall

Receiving the gifts of the spirits

Can you hear their song?

Singing of love for the land and

The mighty sea

Now wash it away in the waves

Of the eastern bay

Give thanks to the first protectors

And their sacred ways

Energy of their ancient prayers

Oh, what we need today



This is how it was,

How it used to be

Connect to the Island

She will set you free

House of the Sun


I was standing on the roof of the house of the sun

When I heard a song of sweet devotion

Many roots, stood together

Two miles above the ocean

I didn't know the words, but the tone was clear

A gift to the gods of the atmosphere

A memory locked in time

And a melody for humankind


Open up, open up your heart

Let the love come shining, love come shining in

Open up, open up your heart

Let the love come shining, love come shining in


As I looked to the south above the clouds

Mauna Kea stood tall, Mauna Loa stood proud

And the roots still stood together

Taking in that island weather

And when the music faded

Well, an elder stated

“An open mind is not enough

It's time welcome in that love”



And as we drive this winding road

Back to reality on the coast

We bring messages from above

While those colors, colors paint the picture of love


This Is Your Quest


Open up your eyes,

It’s safe to come outside

There’s a whole new world awaiting

Despite what you might hear,

It ain’t so dark out here

There’s so much light around, awaiting


See, this is your quest, your journey

Beautiful years of learning

Who you are, and what you’ll be

So come in to the great wide open

Wilderness of loving 

Aim for the stars and always seek

Always seek


The lioness is waiting to hold ya

And the king is waiting to teach ya

How to bend and not to break...down down

You’ve got a brother day and night

Standing like a mountain by your side

They’re all here to guide your way now now



Open up your eyes,

It’s safe to come outside

There’s a whole new world awaiting

Settling In


So many questions I have along the way

So little answers by the end of the day

But I’ve learned by now that the lesson is

Every moment has its messages


Well it took awhile, but

I truly love who I’ve become


I’m settling down into my soul

I’m finding me out, I’m feeling at home

I’m coming together, the planets aligned

I’m rooted for once, uniting body and mind

Oh-oh, it’s been a long time

Oh-oh, I’m finally settling in

Into my soul


So many places that I still have left to be

So many sages that I still have left to meet

For all the sights to see, and all the things to do

No matter where I go, I’ll always come right home to you


It wouldn’t be the same

If you didn’t find me along the way



And for all the things I’ve done

I know the journey’s just begun


All lyrics by Rob Riccardo.

©2018 Rob Riccardo/Land of Om LLC