Singles & B-Sides

Singles & B-Sides

Higher Me


They say “Seek and you shall find”

What it is you want in life

But we seem to make our dreams

Anything but reality

Well not me, not this time

I’m gonna root, I’m gonna rise

I’m gonna dig, gonna reach

Gonna go, gonna take that leap



I throw my doubts in the fire

I let em burn in the flames

When they turn into ashes

I blow em back to the past and walk away

I hear the canyon calling

And I’m-a gonna go all in

Drop in to the bliss and the beauty 

And become, become a higher me


In the dark I see much better

When I close my eyes

Deep breath, dip into the ocean

Filling up the mind

In the depths, what do you see?

Do you find pain

Or do you find peace?

A catalyst for the good vibrations

Giving birth to the strength you need



Three Sages


The first sage opened up the doorway

Welcomed me in and encouraged me to go play

He said "be you and share the gifts

Sing the songs that generate bliss"

See, this sage is a new age healer

Certified sound wave dealer

Taught me all about mindfulness

And how to find the calm within



I’ve been turning all the pages

In this life, looking for the sages

And there they were, there they were

All around me

I’ve been turning all the pages

In this life I’ve been looking for the sages

And here they are, here they are

Right in front of me


The second sage told me bout the universe

And how the whole thing lives in all of us

And the messages are channeling through me

It’s all part of a universal love conspiracy

Feeling me? send it out lyrically

Be the song, do your thing, don’t forget to let it breathe

The whole world’s here to help you through it

So believe in the magic living in the music




The third sage gave me a compass

said this life is yours if you want it

You’re on the path, keep moving up on it

It’s your truth, your love, your dharma

There’s no other way to live

My soul brother I’m positive

Just keep your feet on the ground

Everything that you dream is gonna come around




I will be the light

I will be the beacon

I will be the reason

That the world shines on

The world shines…



Sometimes it fades to black

Darkness, holding me back

Wake up, another attack

Nothing seems to change

For the better, whatever 

we do it’s never

Enough to break the stormy weather

Realize the course we're riding

On the road that keeps dividing

You and me and everything

Around the world, it all just seems

We’re heading for an endless night

But I won’t stand for that, I’ll fight and...




You might think, "what could I do"

“I’m just one soul, what’s the use”

But deep within, there’s a truth

Just dying to come out of you

To come alive in this life

Come alive, be the fire

The world needs some warmth today

So come alive and be the flame

Come alive, guide the way

Come alive, every day

Come alive, be the change

Come alive, and sing...



If the world was wandering in the dark, would you be the light?

If the world was lost at sea, would you be the beacon in the night?

Battle Cry



Get on up

We are the rising

This is the path we ride

And this is the battle cry

Of the mindful

It’s time for a change, time for a shift

Gotta flip on the switch of the consciousness

Of the world at large, for the world’s in need

And every being on the earth is a part of the healing

Wherever you’re at, whoever you are

Whatever you do, whatever you want

Whether living in light, or living in dark

Under the sun or under the stars

The difference maker lives within you

So harness the mind, and see what you can do

I’ve said it before, you know it’s the truth

The treasure’s deep in your roots

Discover the purpose that you were given

Then follow the path, trust the vision

Break on free from the mental prison

And rise like the city we live in




At the heart of the quest is a writer and a rider

Being the spark for the mindful fire

Calling the masses, feeding the flames

To brighten the path in every way

So gather the tribe, for we’re on a mission

We are the fighters in this militia

We come in peace, armed with perspective

Loaded with love, for that is our weapon

All of us seek some kind of heaven and

All of us climb some kind of Everest

But all of us here, carry the medicine

To light up the world brighter than Edison 

It all comes down to the things you do

Spreading your gifts and living your truth

So give me the mic, I won’t abuse it

I’m here for the Revolution

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All lyrics by Rob Riccardo.

© 2017 Rob Riccardo.