The Calm Within

The Calm Within

Adventure of Me


I’m not gonna lie

Some days I miss the tide

and the scent of a saltwater breeze coming over me

But I have no doubt

That where I am right now

Is right where I’m supposed to be



This is the journey of the soul

It’s the adventure of me

No matter what I’m told

I know that I am free

To roam my own way

To float my own sea

To chase my own dreams

On this adventure of me


I traded hurricanes

for monsoonal rains

And I love that I have no idea what's next

It could be Northern Lights

Or Rocky Mountain highs

I’ve learned to be open to anything



What are you searching for?

Are you looking for the Sycamore?

Walking as One


She said unity, You and Me

That’s the way I see it

You and I were once apart

Half empty cups on the boulevard


We came together


We’ve got each other


There’s no doubt

That now



It’s one heart open on this bright horizon

Roaming free in the land of Om

Your eyes are my eyes, your soul is my soul

It’s a life forever, together, wherever walking as one


She said come with me, don’t you see

You and I have lived this dream

Before the life that we now know

The two of us were long ago


Blended together


Shared by each other


There’s no doubt

That now



We’re all in this together now

There's so many things to figure out

We’re all in this together now

We’re all in this together now



I guess it starts with the violence

That we all see

from headlines to highway traffic

It’s in our energy

We went from walking on water

To drowning in the deep

But if you hide in the darkness

Then you’ll never be free



So rise up and meet your rival

Within you, soon you'll see

This life is not about survival

We’re not a dying breed

We’re here to thrive a little awhile

It’s in our frequency

So stand up, start a revival

and we’ll all be free


You won't find it in the ocean

You won't find it in the breeze

You won't find it in the badlands

Or in the evergreens

It's in the world within you

It's in the way you breathe

It's in the blood flowing through you

It's in the words you speak



Where you gonna go when the lights get low?

How you gonna live when the world gets cold?


You’ve been running through the forest

From monsters you can’t see

You’ve been letting all your nightmares

Suffocate your dreams

I can take you to the valley

But you will never be free

If you don’t win the battle

Of your energy

Let It Breathe


These days I know it gets hard

We can be exposed to so much dark

Every minute, But trust me when I say

There’s a light, there’s a love and there’s a way



So if your world gets heavy

And your fire burns low

Your road gets rough

And your heart runs cold



Let it breathe

Like the wind through the trees

Let it flow with ease

Like an ocean breeze

Take it all in

Let it all out

Take it all in

Let it all out


Sometimes I know it gets tough

You lie in bed in at night wondering if you’re enough

Trust me now, when I say you are

But no matter what this life at times will break you apart



So if your day gets crazy

Don’t think there’s nothing that you can do

Yeah, when your day gets crazy

Just find that calm within you

Feed Your Soul



Well I don’t know

But I’ve been told

You’ll never grow up

If you feed your soul

Like a child

You will run

Free and wild

Under the sun


You and me we’ve been running out of patience

Measuring all the days by the hours and the paychecks

Digging for a meaning we’ve been reading all the same texts

Two days of rest and then its off to the races

Again, Hey, I know my friend

Always hoping that the answer is around the bend

Well bend we will, but we won’t break

Because today is a good day to make a change


Take a’ me back to the days when I was younger

Living it every day with a fire and a hunger

Had no ties to suits and ties,

Fancy shoes and Monday blues

Work commutes and conference rooms

All the things that I told you

I would never do

Something’s gotta change



I think my soul, think my soul needs feeding 

Fill it up with the good stuff

Like the woman that you love

and the coffee in your cup

Oh, the good stuff

Ghost Upstairs


I'm still wrestling monsters

Even after the wild years

Far from the childhood fears

I'm still wrestling monsters


There's just something 'bout these days

Maybe it's retrospect

Or maybe it’s in my head (I don’t know)

There’s just something 'bout these days



I think there's a ghost upstairs

Rattling doors, raising some hairs

Making it harder to live

Life on the inside

Well I just want to know

I ask you prophets and preachers:

Is it the Holy Ghost

Or the ghost of a dreamer


I’m still looking for answers

Whether I’m in the city streets

Or alone on the highest peaks

I’m still looking for answers

The Warrior



I don’t know how

I don’t know when

But I know I will

I’ll make it out alive


There’s a road I’m on, a road I’m on

that’s longer than they told me

There’s a load I bare, a load I bare

and it’s heavier than I’ve carried before


There’s a trail upon this mountainside

and it’s steeper than they told me

There’s a canyon in the countryside

and it’s deeper than I thought it would be


There’s a winter wind, blowing in

and it’s colder than they forecast

But as far as my own eyes can see

This world is getting brighter, brighter




I’ll smile through it all

Like the Warrior

I’ll smile through it all

I’ll be victorious

And smile through it all

Like the Warrior

I’ll smile through it all


Of Wilderness



Cause we’re of wilderness

The mountains they amount to sacred bliss

Of wilderness

Get lost between the pines

You’ll find that paradise

Always is

Made of wilderness



There’s something about this place

Something about the way

It makes me feel

So damn real

In a world that’s hypnotized

Edited and digitized

Soon to be virtualized

Why can’t we see with our own eyes


Tell me what’s your fear?

Is it getting lost out here?

Or missing out on something else

Within the atmosphere

Of your tiny screen

Gotta check your feed

Meanwhile you’re missing out 

On what crafted you and me



Sweet land of red rock canyons

Sweet land of aspen groves

Sweet land of everything

that I thought I’d never know




I do most of my thinking

On the open road

When I'm driving through the desert

Without the radio on

These days it's so damn easy

To feel so damn lost

But when I turn to you beside me

It fades



'Cause I'm looking at the sunrise

By way of your eyes

I know that when the nighttime eats the day

You'll bring the light in

They say that it's a small world

You know, I've gotta agree

Just you and I and the ride are everything



I spend a lot of time dreaming

About how life's gonna be

When we figure out the answers

To all the mysteries

Maybe I'll never find it

Maybe there's nothing there

Maybe it don't matter anyway



And I know, I know that it's bound to rain

Even in this town, but that's okay


Running Toward the Sun


Fast lane on the 101 like an outlaw on the lam

I'm not looking in the rearview, 'Cause it ain't the past

That I’m running from

But I'm still running

I’ve watched that ball of fire sink behind the pines

I ran around for years with no horizon line

The flame was gone, the light went out

but here it is, coming back around...



So, I’ll keep running, running toward the sun

I’ll keep running, running toward the sun

And I’ll never let it set again


I’ve seen my share of midnight, the good ol’ witching hour

Now the only thing I’m trying to dodge is darkness in this town

I won’t be what I’m not, all I am is all I’ve got

This world is yours to take, your life is yours to make.



She’s the only light

that won’t leave you blind


Peaceful horizon that I’m relying on

Stay the way you are forever more

All lyrics by Rob Riccardo.

© 2017 Rob Riccardo.